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Tonight begins the second weekend of the 2022 Women’s Rugby World Cup And two teams took to the field in a full heatsink, challenging inside and out. Australia-Scotland started the weekend, followed by the match between the United States and Japan. Here’s how it went.

It begins, as mentioned, with Australia and Scotland. Both were initially defeated and forced to win to stay in the race for at least one of the top third places. The challenge is exciting and balanced, as expected on the eve. Scotland has a better start, putting the Australians in a tight spot in the first few minutes At 9′ he found the goal with Lana Skeldon 5-0 Initial after a devastating attack. The match remains balanced, with no penetration by the two teams. It takes about half an hour to see things take a turn for the worse for Australia. Yellow card for Adiana Talakay and a free kick for Scotland goes 12-0 Which ends the first half.

However, the music changed dramatically in the second half. Australia picks up pace, tries to lock down Scotland in half and At 59′ Opens Go To Goal With Bienne Terita For 12-7 partial. The match reopened and the deadlock on the girls’ side Down. There are many changes on both sides, but the oceans are always the winner, which maintains higher rates and They turned everything around in the 73rd minute with a goal scored by Ashley Marsters with a value of 14-12. A glowing finale, with Scotland not wanting to suffer the humiliation of a second knockout measure, but The expulsion of Ashley Marsters and Adiana Talakay is not enough to turn things around and Australia win and see the playoffs..

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The second challenge concerns Italy, as it included the United States and Japan, and these are the two formations (with Canada) They are in the same group as the blue. Above all, we wanted to understand the true strength of the Japanese, who were clearly defeated by the Canadians on their debut, against a team that the level holders had already faced. The result says that Italy will reach the final challenge as a mandatory candidate. But be careful, because the Americans won, but suffered a lot more than once. Japan, in fact, surprises the United States at first and after 4′ he scores the goal with Megumi Abe. The Americans failed to respond, and suffered greatly with the ball in hand, at 13′ they remained outnumbered for Yellow card for Kathryn Johnson And in the first 40 minutes They only find three points with Gabriella Cantorna’s kick for the 3-5 they go to rest.

Americans are trying to respond at the beginning of recovery At 45′ they went to goal with Joanna Kitlinski to overtake and 8-5. However, the Japanese response was immediate In the 53rd minute he scored for the second time in the goal, this time with Hinano Nagura and Japan’s new advantage with a score of 10-8.. Here, however, everything changes. two minutes ed It was Alif Keelter who put the Americans back with a good attempt and in the 63rd minute Elizabeth Kearns scored, with a turn that deserves 20-10 for the USA..

Japan is unable to respond e In the 72nd minute there is also half the reward for the Americans with Jenin Detivo. This makes the defeat less bitter for the Asians there Komachi Imakoji’s attempt in the 76th minute, which determined the result at 27-17 for the United States. When the time is right, do it yellow card for Komachi Imakugi and USA stretch 30-17. United States cHe cornered Italy and Canada in the ranking, while the Japanese remained at zero, but showed that they did not want to be the competition partners in the group.

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