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Australia cancels the agreement with China on the “New Silk Road”. Beijing: “an unreasonable and provocative move”

L ‘Australia Cancel the agreement with China The so-called “The New Silk Road And so frost falls between them Canberra e Beijing, With a recent hadith about “excitement” towards you. The architect behind the Australian government’s decision is the Foreign Minister, Maryse Payne, That decided to use their powers to cancel2018 agreement between Victoria State And the The People’s Republic, Claiming that “It conflicts with Australian foreign policy It conflicts with our foreign relations. “

A bad blow to Chinese Communist Party Which contains in Belt and Road Its most important economic and commercial project outside the borders of China. So he launched a counterattack, with the government accusing Australia and describing the cancellation of the agreement as a “provocation”: “Cooperation for the Belt and Road Initiative between China and the state of Victoria – confirms the Chinese embassy in a statement. Australia – supports the intensification of economic and trade relations between the two parties. This is something else.” An unreasonable move And provocative by Australia against China. “

This is not the first episode of a trade clash between the two countries. The final episode of this new war took place at the end of 2020, when Canberra announced the use ofWTO (WTO) vs. me customs fees Imposed by Beijing on its exports from Barley. Since early 2020, China has imposed restrictions and barriers on imports MeatAnd the Dairy productAnd the vintage And other products from Australia, also because of the deteriorating relations between the two countries, as the Canberra government accused the Chinese government Political interference, Campaigns False news e spy.

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