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Australia, bitten by a giant crocodile, struggles and manages to free itself – foreign

Sydney (Australia) – a man in Australia “Lucky to be aliveAfter breaking free from the jaws of a crocodile in a river in remote northeastern Queensland. While stopping for a group motorcycle tour, he was swimming at a waterfall in popularity Tourist destination in Adels Grove, when the crocodile bit him in the arm. The creeper struggled managed to let go.

The man in his forties suffered Injuries to the arm, hands and legAccording to emergency personnel, who rushed to the scene by helicopter, and transported him to Jabal Isa Hospital, where he is still “in a stable condition.” “The puncture wounds are very deep. Helicopter medic Greg Allan told ABC National that the patient said the crocodile was two to three meters long, so he is lucky to be alive.”

Lives in Australia Cassius, the largest sea crocodile in the world 5.48 meters long Cassius is considered the largest marine crocodile in the world. The giant reptile, captured in the Northern Territories of Australia in 1984, lives in Marineland Melanesia in Queensland. His predecessor Lolong died recently in the Philippines.

6.4 meters long and More than 1000 kg of weight, Lolong It can rightly be considered a record animal: its gigantic size made Cassius, a captive crocodile on a Queensland farm measuring 5.48 meters, drop off the Guinness World Records podium.

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