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Australia and the state of Victoria ready to ban Nazi salutes –

The straw that broke the camel’s back in the Australian state of Victoria was last Saturday’s demonstration and during it A dozen people dressed in blackFaces were covered and Nazi salutes were given in front of the Melbourne Parliament. A gesture that shocked many political leaders and probably will lead Passing a law banning the Hitler salute (Hitler salute in German), the outstretched arm adopted by the National Socialist Party in Germany in the 1940s after the use of the fascist followers.

In recent months in Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, neo-Nazis have appeared at various demonstrations including in predominantly Jewish neighborhoods and at events honoring Indigenous Australians.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Daniel Andrews strongly condemned the episode, saying: “In front of our Parliament some people gave the Nazi salute. They were there to say it The transgender community does not deserve rights, safety or dignity – he wrote on Twitter, – that’s what the Nazis did. Their evil ideology has no place here. Not even those who pretend to be with them.” The reference is to Moira Deming, a Liberal MP who took to the streets on Saturday alongside 400 people demonstrating against gender identity and transgender rights led by Britain’s Kelly Jay Kane-Minchall. Opposition leader John Bissuto announced this He will demand Mr. Deming’s resignation.

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