Australia and Finland are invited to select the representative. full program

In a sad atmosphere of great uncertainty due to the tragic news coming fromUkraineas the Russian military offensive is advancing, the road to the 66th version ofEurovision Song Contest.

This Saturday to choose their representative, who will work in Turin Next May, they will be Australia And the FinlandIt is one of the most powerful countries in favor of expelling Russia from the countryEurovision After the invasion of Ukraine, The measure adopted by the European Broadcasting Union this afternoon.

In parallel, Saturday evening, the first and fourth semi-finals, respectively, from Songvakeppnin at Iceland Born in melodivistivalin at SwedenBelow is the full program of events for Saturday, February 26th.

Australia – Australia decide – final

National final returns in Australia. This is the third edition of the event, which was established in 2019 and suspended in 2021 when it was reconfirmed internally MontaigneWinner of the 2020 edition.

Eleven artists compete: 10 are chosen by the announcer SB Erica Padilla, winner of the wild card awarded through a contest on Tik-Tok, was added later. The challenge between stories promises to be: for bookmakers, they are the two favorites Sheldon Riley And the Charlie With me Voyagerand their combination of metallic and electric pop, to serve as a third wheel.

The winner will be decided by TV (50%) and a jury of 5 experts (50%) including singer KEiiNO (ESC 2019 for Norway) Alexandra Rotan. The group is one of the evening’s special guests with the last Australian actor at Eurovision, Montaigne.

These are the 11 participants in order of exit:

  1. G-Nat! – admonish me
  2. Erica Padilla – Down
  3. Sean Miley Moore – my body
  4. Charlie – I’m sick of being alone
  5. Andrew Lambro – electrification
  6. Sheldon Riley – Not the same
  7. Pauline – We are one
  8. Jaguar Jaguar Small fires
  9. Isaiah Firepress and Evie Aire – When I’m with you
  10. Voyager – dreamer
  11. Good York I don’t need to dream

Live broadcast (also visible during broadcast on SBS or On his Facebook page) will start at 10:30 In the morning, Italian time (20:30 AST), at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center run by Joel Creese and Maeve Warhurst.

Finland – Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu – Final

there Finland Getting ready to experience the eleventh edition ofUuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) excitedly a nation found the top ten inEurovision Last year – after 14 releases, 2020 was left out – thanks to the massive energy of blind channelsixth place in Rotterdam with “The dark side“.

In all likelihood, the country will once again move to a stageEurovision Song Contest A rocky proposition considering in fact the main suspects for ultimate victory are Rasmus. Also very high in expectations eve Heavenly kicks And the Peace.

There are 7 artists in the competition chosen by the announcer YLE; The winner will be decided by television and an international jury. Unlike many other national competitions, in Finland The home audience has a lot more weight than the jury members: TV broadcasts are worth 75% of the final score, and the jury is worth the remaining 25%.

These are the competitors (exit order not disclosed):

  • Heavenly kicksTornado
  • PeaceRam Bam Bam
  • RasmusJezebel
  • young hearts sun number (your number)
  • oliveraThank God I’m an atheist
  • Tommy LantinenElämä kantaa muA (life takes me)
  • Isaac Seni Kuma Jabba (sexy boy)

Live, also broadcast with a triple commentary (FinnishAnd the Einglish And the Swedish), starting from 20:00 From Logomo Arena in Turku led by Paula Visala and Mesa Rutola Bukela

Sweden – Melodifestivalen – Semi-finals 4

Prime Evening Live from Friends Arena to Stockholm full of revenue for melodivistivalinand above all the former representative of Sweden inESC 2010And the Anna Bergendahl. The Leicesterafter the good response from last year, e Clara Hammerströmin the third consecutive participation in the exhibition.

For the previous three evenings, the audience has voted exclusively from home via the app and text. The top two ranked go to the final Saturday 12 March While the third and fourth places are guaranteed to reach the semi-finals of the replay on Saturday, March 5th.

Here is the evening lineup:

  1. Anna Bergendahlsupreme authority
  2. LeicesterEven our days are over
  3. Malin ChristineSynd om dig (I’m sorry for you)
  4. time periodsthe star
  5. Madina El Monawara In I dimman (in the fog)
  6. Angelenothe end
  7. Clara Hammerström I run to the hill

Live and also visible flowstarting with hours 20:00. On delivery, there is always an Italian singer Oscar Zia.

Iceland – Söngvakeppnin – Semi-finals 1

The first semi-final in Icelandthe pursuit of a worthy successor Daði og Gagnamagnið who gave a lot in 2021 with “10 years(4th place without a live performance due to the positivity of the Covid-19 virus); the song then entered the charts in 10 European countries.

Songvakeppnin format provides files Two semi-finalists, tomorrow evening and Saturday, March 5, with 5 competing artists judged by the public from home exclusively. The first two of their evenings qualify for the final; At the end of the second semi-final, the technical jury will assign a wild card to one of the six semi-finalists eliminated, ensuring that they reach the final chapter of Saturday 12 March.

Songs in Icelandic will be proposed during the semi-finals while in the finals eligible artists will be able to choose whether to show their tracks in the Eurovision version; Then either again in Icelandic or another language (usually English) or a combination of the two.

These are the top 5 artists competing:

  • Amaroz you do not know
  • BarefootPreviously (volcano)
  • Sega, Beta, and ElaineMi Hokande Sol (with sunrise)
  • Stefania Svavarsdottirhijratay glove (My heart)
  • Stephen Oleleucic (the light)

Live broadcasts from RVK studios in Reykjavik – Conducted by Björg Magnusdottir, John Johnson and Ragnhildur Steinnon-Jonesdottir – and begins in 20:45. You can also follow the event On site Broadcasting from RÚV.

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