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Australia abolishes the Belt and Road and leaves the target of future Chinese investments

A year after the start of clashes between Canberra and Beijing, Australia has revoked the agreements on the Belt and Road Initiative, the Belt and Road Initiative, which had been activated in Victoria with the NDRC, the Chinese Reform Commission, and now the CASS, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences reveals that Australia has fallen from 12th to 12th place. 15 in the ranking of 114 countries every year. The United States also fell, indicating that the deterioration in relations affects the motive for investment.

Australia is the first country to leave the Belt and Road Initiative

CASS is the Signing Queen of Commerce to the most attractive destinations for foreign investment. The list of 114 countries that are spotted is usually an interesting reason to understand who is the top and the bottom line.


Not just a “mistake” The deterioration of bilateral relations.

Australia lost three places, making Canberra, the capital of the world’s first country, to cancel a deal on the Belt and Road initiative, all the more symbolic.

Not only. The state of Victoria has also canceled two memoranda of understanding that were signed with Syria and Iran, but the two mentioned with China are the most dangerous in terms of economic consequences.

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