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Australia, a three-meter snake emerges from a spice rack in a Sydney supermarket

Sometimes it happens that you have an unwanted guest and when it is a snake, the situation becomes more difficult. An Australian girl who knows it well, who last Monday “met” a three-meter python on the shelves of a Sydney supermarket: “It was hidden among the spices and when I turned around I found it 20 cm from my face,” the 25-year-old told social media. Social where she also shared the video of her unique experience.

Snake seen between shelves (photo on Twitter)

It seemed like an ordinary age, in a supermarket like many in Sydney, but Helina was no ordinary shopping because waiting for her on the shelves was like snake, Specifically a 3-meter snake.

The protagonist tells the story on social media, la 25enne Helena Alati, who went on Monday to Woolworth supermarket It is located on the edge of a vast tract of bush in the northwestern suburbs of the city Sydney in a Australia. The young woman, who was fortunately familiar with reptiles, was wandering around the shelves when she arrived in front of the spices, noticing the python sticking out right between the jar of curry and another of the peppers. I turned my head and found myselfOr about 20 cm from my faceThe 25-year-old told the BBC which reported the news, as did many other international newspapers.

At that point, due to her experience with reptiles, the young woman let the supermarket staff know that she could free them from this unwanted guest, so after recovering the snake’s bag, she went back to the store to pick up the animal. Not before filming a video posted on social media that went viral on the web in no time. After being allowed in The snake is at least three meters long In the bag he took him to a nearby forest where he was released. Alati, who previously volunteered for a wildlife rescue organization in Sydney, is still unable to figure out how and why the animal got into the supermarket: “It might have been looking for a mate. It wasn’t poisonous, it wasn’t aggressive, it wouldn’t be a problem for anyone.”

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