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Australia, a kangaroo falls into a lake: two passersby jump into the icy water and save it

We are in Canberra, the capital of Australia. A kangaroo was trapped in the frigid waters of Lake Burley Griffin, a few meters from shore. The animal risks frostbite and does not seem to be able to even move its legs. Two men note the difficulty of the kangaroo, they do not hesitate to enter the water despite the fact that the temperature at dawn is slightly above zero. In an effort not to frighten the marsupial and to avoid being hit with its powerful claws, the two grab it gently while a third man lifts it and pulls it out of the water. The kangaroo is finally out of danger and no longer afraid of the presence of men, stretching its front legs towards its savior as if to thank them. A bystander, David Boyd, managed to film the scene and posted a video of the extraordinary rescue operation on Facebook

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