Australia, a hole was opened in the reef

A huge stream opens in Australia, photos from the outside and inside

In the middle of the night, a plot of land near the tourist town of Robb in South Australia suddenly subsided. The religion attracted a huge number of people, who found themselves in front of a huge 12-meter pit.

There, where the coastal limestone escarpment was located, a suggestive basin opened, exactly in accord with a submerged blowing hole, a hydrothermal source of gas directly from the crust. Needless to say, it immediately became a suggestive attraction for tourists and spectators: however, the crater could collapse further, without even warning. Needless to say, it’s not safe to get too close, as water can sometimes splash at high tide.

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“There is no warning when these things happen,” James Holman of the Robb District Council told ABC. For more than 200,000 years, the Australian limestone coast has faced significant erosion due to saltwater waves interfering with its edges. Now, it is likely that recent torrential rains and ocean surges have further contributed to its appearance.

“The blowing hole has yet to erupt, but the continuous wave action in the area has gradually reduced the reef. A preliminary investigation into the hole revealed that the site is still unstable and likely to collapse further. In short, the stream could turn into a real geyser. Only that will tell us. With time and tides.

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