Australia, 9 dead and 40 thousand evacuations due to floods. what happens

Heavy rains have swept across several cities in Queensland and New South Wales, and at least 11 are missing in the oceanic country hard hit by fires last summer.

Australian authorities have ordered the evacuation of tens of thousands of people due to flooding on the east coast. The current toll indicates 9 dead and 11 missing. The Prime Minister explained at a press conference that dozens of residents have spent hours trapped on the roofs of their homes in recent days in Lismore, New South Wales, in addition to at least a thousand rescue operations in other cities on the coast North. New South Wales Dominic Beirut. The state government says at least 40,000 people have been forced from their homes, while another 300,000 have been placed under eviction notice. This is the worst flood in the region since 2011.

More rain is expected in the next few hours

Heavy rains since the beginning of last week have hit Queensland, leaving a trail of devastation yet to be determined, ravaging cities such as Brisbane, the country’s third most populous, and Jimbey as well as Lismore itself, 600km north of Sydney. Dozens of cars were trapped on a bridge in the nearby town of Woodburn yesterday evening, and two people connected to the bridge were flooded. “Right now we’re focusing on the north, but very quickly, as we’re beginning to see in Sydney, it’s coming down in heavy, heavy rain south,” Perrottet warned, referring to a forecast of heavy rain starting tonight in the city. The most populous of Australia. “We will do everything we can to save everyone and get all communities in our state back on their feet as quickly as possible,” he added.

Extreme events in Australia

Australia hit by Extreme weather in recent yearsThe increasing frequency of catastrophic fires, droughts and floods. In particular, the fire destroyed more than 3 thousand homes and destroyed 19 million hectares of farmland and forests. But since then, two different La Niña ocean-atmosphere phenomena have resulted in above-average rainfall in different regions. El Niño-Southern Oscillation, Enso is an extreme phase of a natural climate cycle that determines the cooling of surface water temperature in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean, and affects the climate of our planet, with repercussions also in Europe and Italy

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