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Australia: 14 dead whales were found on the beach in Tasmania – the world

(ANSA) – ROME, Sept 20 – 14 baby sperm whales were found dead on a beach in Tasmania, Australia, a place already known for mass slaughter of whales with a record number of 380 specimens identified in 2020. The BBC reports.

The bodies were discovered by local residents on King Island and reported to the authorities. Biologists and veterinarians are investigating possible causes, while sky searches will check if other animals are stranded in the area.

According to biologist Vanessa Perrotta, the dead whales may have been part of a herd of “bachelors,” young males who might lose their orientation, possibly hunting down a diseased specimen. Among other things, the coasts of Tasmania are crossed by many currents that can confuse the navigation of cetaceans. However, the causes of whale stranding are still largely unknown.

In September 2020, more than 380 pilot whales died in Australia’s worst mass stranding, at Macquarie Heads, also in Tasmania. (Dealing).

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