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Australia: 10 dead, thousands evacuated due to floods – Oceania

The southeast coast of Australia has been hit by torrential rains for days that killed at least 10 people, according to Sky News reports, many of whom were forced to take refuge on rooftops to escape the water. The area was hit by the worst flooding in decades, and thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes.
Yesterday, parts of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, remained under water. Dominic Perrottet, New South Wales Premier, announced that today alone there were more than a thousand rescue interventions while requests for assistance were around six thousand. He added that orders were issued to evacuate 40,000 people.
More storms are expected by the end of the week, while the National Weather Service confirmed that the total rainfall in Brisbane in six days was 792.9 mm. The previous record, set in 1974, was 655.8 mm of rain in Brisbane.

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