August, new seasonal workers in Central Europe present an uncomfortable scenario; Offers »

Weather: August, the new monsoon seasons in central Europe present an uncomfortable scenario. Expectations

Holiday spotlight amid drought and abnormal temperatures in many regions of Italy

August offersI just arrived The new seasonal forecast for the European Center for August, with general forecasts for precipitation and temperatures. What has emerged is a very uncomfortable scenario for many of our regions.
Summer holidays are in danger for many Italians?

First, a hypothesis is necessary. The classic Italian summer seems to be gone; L ‘Hurricane Azoreswhich was prevalent in the summer, is now far away, “Lost” In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. against african cyclone Rise to the fore more and more, to rise to the role main protagonist. That’s why we’re seeing increasingly intense and lasting heat waves, something we haven’t seen before and attesting to the climate change that has taken place for a few decades now.

Having said that, it seems to be between the end July start August The Afro-large high pressure fieldIt is destined to impose itself more and more on the Mediterranean basin. The latest offer of the European Center confirmation In fact, it is a trend devoted to heat traditionally highlighting Italian holidays: Well, looks like we’ll have to deal with the temperatures pretty well Above the average of about +3 ° C.
The disturbing fact is that this thermal anomaly affects almost the entire continent, from the Iberian Peninsula to Russia, underlining the extraordinary nature of this summer which is likely to be among the hottest on record in Europe.

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For this reason of the project talking about “riskAs in practice translates to Frequent heat waves coming from the heart of Africa (Sahara desert), with peaks ready to spray over 35°C, especially in Val Badanain the interior of the two main islands And on the part of south central peninsula.
These anomalous and red phases should be treated as “bad weather waves” because we know the damage they cause: prolonged drought, health problems, and last but not least the danger of extreme weather events. In fact, all this extra heat also increases the potential energy associated with hailstorms and storms whenever currents of fresh air can “penetrate” the anti-eddy shield. So it’s right to talk about vacations at risk, even if not exactly because of rain and thunderstorms, but for a different reason.

So summer should continue this climate trend, with constant flashes of hot air from Africa, as announced by the latest seasonal forecast by the very official. European Center.

Above average temperatures of +2/3°C in most parts of Italy (Source: ECMWF)Above average temperatures of +2/3°C in most parts of Italy (Source: ECMWF)

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