Attention, those who are deficient in Vitamin B5 may face this problem in their skin and hair

Vitamins are nutrients that are very important to our health: they strengthen the immune system, protect us from free radicals, and help muscle and cognitive abilities.

Not only this, they are essential for cell growth and development. When vitamins are not enough, our bodies send us specific signals.

In this case, supplements and nutrition come to us by car. They provide us with all the necessary elements to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms.

Let’s talk about Vitamin B5

We’ve seen how important vitamins are, but at ProiezionidiBorsa, today, we want to talk about vitamin B5.

Its benefits are perhaps less well known than those of groups A, B, C and D. But the vitamin in question is no less important.

Vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin. It cannot accumulate in the body, but it must be taken daily through food.

Foods that can help us combine this vitamin are very diverse: offal, kidneys, liver, egg yolks, dried mushrooms, yeasts. A large portion of vitamin B5 is found in whole grains, particularly in the outer layers.

Attention, those who are deficient in Vitamin B5 may face this problem in their skin and hair

Vitamin B5 is very important because it not only helps in moments of fatigue, but also acts on the skin and hair.

That’s right, it is the most suitable vitamin for hair care. It repairs, strengthens and makes them shine brighter. Promotes its growth and soothes scalp irritation. It is present in many products that care for our hair.

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Not only that, this vitamin is very beneficial for skin health. In this way studioVitamin B5 not only prevents the formation of wrinkles, but also promotes wound healing.

Warning: Those who are deficient in Vitamin B5 may suffer from this skin and hair problem.

So a deficiency of pantothenic acid can lead to weakening or hair loss and difficulty in skin healing.

Of course, we always recommend that you follow your doctor’s instructions.


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