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The intake of vitamins is very important for our body, but you should not overdo it. In fact, it can harm our health.

it should Take vitamins every dayBecause it is very beneficial for our body. Especially in this period, when the cold gives way to the first spring heat, one often experiences influenza or colds caused by sudden changes in temperature.

In addition to the type of clothing, more attention should also be paid to what vitamins to take, and above all, it is hard to believe. How many vitamins do you take?. In fact, Excessive amount can harm our health.

Vitamin: if taken in large quantities it can be harmful (Pixabay)

But let’s find out together what this vitamin is. We are talking about Vitamin C. In fact, if it came Eating too much of it may cause unwanted effects.

The most famous fruit for vitamin C is citrus fruits. In this period we sweeten our cold days with excellent juices.

One of the first symptoms of excreting too much vitamin C is, It is heartburn. this is It occurs because ascorbic acid has an inflammatory effect on the mucous membranes of the stomach. Feeling nauseous and cramps.

Vitamin: Can be harmful if taken in excess

Doctors advice regarding taking vitamin C Take it a little at a time throughout the day and not in one dose. But above all you will go To be taken on a full stomach Because many fruits that contain these vitamins tend to be acidic.

In addition to heartburn, excessive consumption of vitamin C can cause other discomforts, such as nauseaHeadache, heartburn, stomach pain, gastritis, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal cramps.

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In case we had a lot Nausea or kidney painwhat you have to do is Stop taking Vitamin C.

After stopping this vitamin, the described diseases disappear within 24-30 hours. To make sure it is very important to always contact your family doctor.

Vitamin: Can be harmful if taken in excess
Vitamin C if taken in excess can cause some discomfort (Pixabay)

You might try to hire Vitamin C Across different foods. Some fruits contain a higher amount, such as Kiwi and black currant. Or we can also find it in a file strawberry and jujube.

Many vegetables also contain a lot of them: Black cabbage, green cauliflower, red cabbage, pepper.

You should go for one steaming vegetablesso that the amount of vitamin C is not completely compromised.

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