ATP ranking, Sinner rises to 23.10 Italians in the top 100 list

London, UK) Italian tennis sets another recordOf those destined to remain on record. For the first time in history, ten Azores became among the top 100 From the world ranking. The number that once again testifies to the extraordinary health of the tri-color movement, also decorated with the top 10, two of the top 20 in the world ranking and by Continuous progression of incoming General Jannik Sinner, Able to reach the first final of the “1000 Masters” tournament in Miami And Lorenzo MusettiAt the age of nineteen, he became the youngest player on the Top 100.

ATP ranking: 10 ° Berrettini, 18 ° Fognini

Confirmation of the tenth chair by Matteo Perettini (He returned to the ring this week, in Cagliari, in a double with his brother Jacopo) In November 2019, he entered the top ten strong to culminate in a season of continuous climb – the fourth Italian in the open era to succeed in this achievement and the third to score in the standings behind Panatta (No. 4) ) And Barazzutti (No. 7) and Imam Fognini (No. 9), while Fabio Fonigny loses a place, Now in eighteenth place. The final in Miami allowed Sinner to win eight more places and jump to 23rd, reshaping his best ranking (there are 116 points separating him from the top 20), while he is Settled in at the 34th position by Lorenzo Sunigo. Stefano Travaglia (69th) rose one step, Salvatore Caruso (87th) lost two places, while Musetti climbed four places and settled at 90th, while retouching his best ranking as well. Directly behind him is Gianluca Majer (91 degrees) thanks to the title of the fourth competitor he won in Marbella, ahead of Marco Chicinato (93 degrees, -3) and Andreas Seppi, one place (96 degrees), and to be exact the Italian 10th at the top. One hundredth of the order, equal to a power like the United States (only Spain and France have 11).

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Jannik Sinner plays archery with his coaches!

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Jannik Sinner plays archery with his coaches!

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