ATP Finals, Casper Rudd wins comeback against Cameron Norrie in Turin – or any sport

The Norwegian’s first year-end victory for the Masters in Tennis. And Casper Road (No. 8 in the world) to be able to brag about this record, beating the British Cameron Norrie (#12 ATP) for 1-6, 6-3, 6-4 in 1 hour 54 minutes into the game. Comparison, on paper, was unexpected because it should have been Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas To challenge Rod. As is known, the Greek retired with an elbow problem and so it was up to Nuri, as it would be Janek Sener in the event of Matteo Berrettini’s injury, to take over during construction.

A well-balanced match in which the difference was made by the increasing Scandinavian service performance, who found greater confidence and continuity from the middle of the second set onwards. Thus, in the green group in which Novak Djokovic (at the top) has already gained access to the semi-finals, The Norwegian will play in the direct confrontation with Russian Andrei Rublev the pass to the knockout stage.

PRIMO . group – In the first set, Nuri’s left-handed overhead spins damage Rod Square. The Norwegian did not find a definitive answer, and the British know with his tracks how to open the field well, collecting a lot of points. This is how the two breakers arrive in the fourth and sixth inning series, with Casper so nasty and in tactical confusion. 6-1 down the curtain and the UK tennis player is good at clearing the ball from a partial counterbreak.

the second group – In the second part, the number 8 in the world significantly raises his service performance and this also gives him more confidence in the exchange. The Scandinavian shots get deeper and for Nuri it’s more complex Conquering the Fifteen. In the eighth game, this change of score translates into a break for Rudd, who is very skilled at making his partial at 6-4 without giving his opponent any chance on the racket (six points are awarded for serving in the whole set).

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TERZO . group The stalemate of the entire match on the Norwegian side, and for the British, it is tiring to block the opponent’s forehands. The fifth match is crucial to Rod’s break thanks to the throttle pressure. Then comes the 10th inning close at 6-4, as the Scandinavian completed his comeback without any break point for the opponent.

From a statistical standpoint, Rudd scored 10 aces, collecting 78% of the fifteen from the first serve and 54% with the second. Positive balance between win kicks (32) and non-forceful fouls (22), compared to Norrie (30 winners and 20 free kicks) who held out for a set and a half and then had to give up.

Photo: La Presse

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