Atomic Heart: GeForce RTX trailer, stunning graphics and loads of action in one video

Some time has passed since then The atomic heartThe Mundfish is the first person shooter. In this new Movie trailer Action-packed gameplay, however, we can admire the visual qualities thanks to the powerhouse GeForce RTX. In fact, Nvidia itself is making this new video available, which you can see above.

Atomic Heart, which is essentially a high value indie game, rose to prominence as one of the first indie games it promised. Ray tracing and DLSS technology support. The first few films featured powerful ray-tracked reflections, but the new GeForce RTX trailer is a little different.

Mundfish appears to have decided to focus more on lighting that follows rays, as well as shadows. The reflections are still there, but keep in mind that this new game offering is generally Tones are darker than in the past: The thing doesn’t mind at all, because Atomic Heart is an adventure with terrifying undertones (too).

The film begins with an overview of the character and the play area, where there are multiple moving light sources, carefully designed to emphasize the visual effect of ray tracing. However, in the second half, Atomic Heart conceded Some health actions from a first person perspectiveBetween powers and shots: the score looks very satisfying for both eyes and hands, and eager to test the gameplay.

We remind you that the Atomic Heart begins when some do Robots start attacking people The protagonist must investigate the causes of these events, and end up confronting who (or what) behind the scenes. Mondfish also explained that he has a close working relationship with Nvidia and works on DLSS.

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We recently discovered computer requirements, gameplay details and duration, and Atomic Heart settings.

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