ATMs, Is It True That You Need a Green Pass To Withdraw?

News is circulating on social networks that without the green corridor it will not be possible to withdraw money from ATMs

Automated teller machine (Adobe Photo)

‘to pull Al ATM You must have green lane”. This report comes from several banking institution customers who testify how they cannot withdraw from ATMs without a green card.

The report works on social networks, and in a short time it spread widely: photos, comments and posts depicting, inside the screen of an ATM, QR Code Like the green lane. What is true in all of this?

ATM, can you withdraw only with Green Pass?

Automated teller machine (Adobe Photo)

As we all know, as of Monday 6th December, it starts Enhanced green lane. Its introduction confused many people who, days later, still did not understand the difference between a basic and, in fact, augmented green lane. But do you really need a Green Pass to withdraw money from an ATM?

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“No green lane, no drag? No food. Thanks.” They write in Facebook posts sharing a picture of a bank counter with a QR code on the screen. “Have we gotten to what we conspiracy theorists thought?”. still No grinkax no withdrawal? Did we come up with what we thought Gombloddisdi? “.

Let’s get rid of this doubt at once: the entrance to the bank and public offices is always given, Moreover Without green certificate. This includes inland areas where ATMs and other automated teller machines are located. clearly No problems with the ATMs on the street.

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So what is circulating on the web is one Trick. Pictures uploaded by users in deceptive posts are nothing more than QR Codes To allow cash withdrawal without using the card. In fact, many ATMs offer this possibility: you just need to have a file NFC enabled device or one Smart phone with camera It can read QR codes. QR codes are actually used for encrypted information and to confirm identity.

So having a QR code is not equivalent to having a green lane. Moreover, the green certificate requires that the VerificationC19 app be read and these controls are not provided at all Bank branch operations.

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