ATMs and credit cards, from June 30 fines for those who do not accept it

Fines starting June 30 (and no longer January 1, 2023) for not accepting payments by debit and credit card. This was decided this evening (April 13) by the Council of Ministers, as part of the decree implementing the National Measurement Program. In the event that a payment, of any amount, is not accepted by the payment card, an administrative fine of 30 euros will be applied as of June 30, an increase of 4% of the value of the transaction that was refused acceptance. from payment.

Codakon: Expected Management for Eight Years

Codacons fully endorses the possible advance in June for the entry into force of fines for merchants for not accepting payments made through credit and debit cards. “This is a historic battle for the Codacons who have been asking the government and Parliament for 8 years to impose sanctions on shopkeepers who prevent their customers from paying with cards and ATMs – says President Carlo Renzi – starting in 2014, thanks in accordance with Monti Government Decree No. 179/2012, The obligation of shopkeepers and professionals to accept payments with points of sale in Italy was introduced, a measure that was confirmed and extended starting from July 1, 2020 by the Tax Decree relating to the Budget Law (No. 124 / 2019).However, none of the regulations imposed penalties for merchants who refused Card and ATM payments. This has led to a paradoxical situation where many shopkeepers across Italy today, despite having POS, still prevent customers from paying with electronic money, realizing that they will not face any fine.” “Now things can finally change, and thanks to the penalties imposed on those who refuse digital payments, it will be possible to take action that introduces the obligation of merchants to accept payments with Pos – continues Rienzi – we share the demands of merchants. Reduce commissions on electronic payments, to encourage the use of cards and ATMs automated and removing any excuse for those obstructing the positions.”

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La Confesercenti: Before you click on cut commissions

“Before there is a possible pressure on the points of sale, it will be necessary to finally proceed to the significant reduction of the commissions paid by merchants on electronic money, which has been promised several times but is achieved only in a fraction. Thus Confesercenti criticizes the penalties for merchants who do not accept electronic payments. Among the various sanctions projects, lotteries and obligations, the risk is always the same: to focus the weight of the fight against tax evasion on the shoulders of the bidders. And this is while the large international platforms operating on the Internet still have a favorable tax regime, which allows them to pay one fifth of the other” Confesercenti notes in a note highlighting that “the number of active Poss has grown significantly in recent years: in 2020 – the most recent Available data – Point of sale assets were 3.4 million, an increase of 1 million from the 2.4 million available in 2017. A significant increase not matched by an equivalent increase in anti-evasion revenue. Even the goals set with the cashback and voucher lottery were blatantly ignored. Let me be clear: the fight against tax evasion, which damages not only the treasury, but also honest business by creating intolerable distortions of competition, remains sacrosanct. What we ask is that he not be sued with cumbersome procedures for the activities. We need incentives, not penalties, starting with a significant reduction in the costs of using cards and ATMs.” For example, Confesercenti claims to reduce commissions «for amounts up to 50 euros. At the same time, competition between credit and debit cards and more technologically advanced payment systems, such as Next Generation, whose cost to merchants is much lower today, must be strengthened.”

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