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ATM withdrawals are becoming more and more a controversial topic. In fact, there is a new pressure on cash, and here is the limit

Once again, those who use cash heavily face one New Close. Something happens the moment they make a file ATM withdrawal. Italy is one of those countries across Europe where the use of cash is still prevalent.

And that’s precisely because it’s a favourite Pay with currency, which turned out to be difficult to track the movements of funds. Thus, Italy becomes one of the countries in which there areTax evasion Difficult to control. For this reason, Draghi government She chose to start a very specific path.

To ensure that it can be used more I electronic paymentsinstead of these Liquids. A similar law has already been passed in the past, where it was not possible to pay in cash above 1999.99 €. However, things have changed, starting with January 1, 2022 and even a lot.

Another new limit for ATM withdrawals

New ATM withdrawal limits

Just like we read about it mission to saveto me new law Cash exchange has already undergone a A decrease of 1000 euros Thus passes from € 1999.99 a €999.99. In case the user pays in cash a number higher than this just described, he may face some penalties starting from 1000€ up to good touch 50000 Euro.

However, these are the rules that only apply to Cashnot an advertisement operations Made by Bank account. In fact, it will be possible to withdraw any kind of amount from the account Superior to me €999.99. However, it is important to know that if the account holder withdraws more than 10,000 euros, the bank is likely to turn to the customer. And that’s to find out The reason for this expense.

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Despite this, there is no Limit of withdrawals to your account. Those who are accustomed to Withdraws give her ATM machines He should know that, in that case, he’ll only be able to pull one limited quantity in a day. This is not a national regulation, but a judgment made by the banks themselves.

that it Limit which starts from 250 EUR A maximum 5000 Euro, Numbers vary depending on which bank you are contacted. Anyway it comes details That the customer will have to go and check when he wants a contract with the same bank.

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