ATM withdrawals, from January 2022 everything changes

From January 1, 2022, new rules for cash payments will arrive. It will be possible to pay in cash not exceeding the threshold of 999.99 euros.

ATM withdrawal 2022 –

Thus, the monetary limits: those who break the rules are subject to heavy fines.

What happens, however, to cash withdrawal?

Let’s see the details.

Cash Payment Limits from 2022: Does this also apply to ATM withdrawals?

2022 begins with strict rules about Pay off. It will not be possible to beat threshold 999.99 euros: For violators there are already heavy fines.

The purpose of the new procedure is to reduce the use of cash. In 10 years, we make the fifth change to the so-called “cash ceiling”. We are moving from the current threshold of 2000 euros to 1000 euros.

cash withdrawal
Withdrawing cash from ATMs

Payments under €999.99 can be made in cash, while if this limit is exceeded, payments must be made by traceable means.

No repercussions, however, at the limits cash withdrawal Nor for financial payments to the current account. After January 1, 2022, you will be able to withdraw 1500 euros in cash from an ATM without problems because the withdrawal process does not fall under the passage of funds from one subject to another: the withdrawn amount belongs to the same subject.

regarding Payments to your checking account, it will be possible to receive multiple cash payments in the amount of less than one thousand euros and then pay 2-3 thousand euros into the account.

Cash Payment Limits as of January 1, 2022: Expected Fines

From January 1, 2022, anyone making a cash payment above the €999.99 threshold is subject to severe penalties.

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The minimum applicable fine is equal to the maximum amount of cash payments, i.e. €1,000.

For the self-employed or those who do not report violations to the local offices of the revenue agency, the fines will be higher: from a minimum of 3 thousand euros to a maximum of 15 thousand euros.

In short, as of January 1, 2022 a lot of scheme They are as follows:

  • 000 euros for the offense in general (until the end of 2021 the fine is 2,000 euros);
  • 000 euros for violations of more than 250 thousand euros;
  • From 3000 to 15 thousand euros for those who do not report the violation because it is an obligation.


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