ATM, this is the statement everyone has been waiting for: “crazy”

All tools, even those that are widespread and in use for a long time, must be adapted to continue to “survive” to new contexts and above all must be “useful”. Bancomat in general, which is understood as a “tool for withdrawing cash” most of the time, is one of the forms of electronic payment and in general the most popular digital payment circuit in our country. But as we mentioned, it’s about to change.

Bancomat allowed an initial small group of citizens to use their checking account in a “digital” way: the first real spread of the Bancomat circuit dates back to the 1980s, which in a few years made it possible to conduct transactions through ATMs, that is, automated teller machines linked to banks, as well as to pay digitally with the help of the card. Even today, due to the nature of the “precursor”, the term Bancomat is used in a general way, to designate any form of card payment.

Even if overshadowed by the spread of prepaid cards and account cards, which began to spread since the new century, although it partially “overshadowed” Bancomat, it retains a strong position, because it is associated with many banks.

ATM, this is the statement everyone has been waiting for: “crazy”

The changes are due to the present, and the decline in the presence of ATMs on the national territory is one of the main factors that prompted them Bancomat SpA To revisit some items, such as the exchange fee, currently fixed at 49 euro cents per single transaction. The exchange fee is basically the additional amount required when making a withdrawal from a bank that is not affiliated with our department. Bancomat SpA officially proposed to get rid of this form of fixed pricing and replace it with a “flexible” method, which in fact gives individual banks the possibility to choose the proportional amount. The antitrust body will have to adjudicate the matter by next November, but if the application is accepted, commission amounts may be subject to a sharp increase.

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