ATM, bad surprise for withdrawal: what happens

So many reports, so much disappointment on the part of the Italians: this is what is happening on the withdrawal front


The cash withdrawalOr, rather, withdrawing from the ATM, is getting more and more difficult. This is partly because the use of fiat money is increasingly discouraging, and as a result many people make small payments even using POS. On the other hand, banks have realized that ATM maintenance costs are too high, and that “the game is not worth it.”

That’s why ATM machines As for cash withdrawals in Italy, it decreased significantly. In 4 years I decreased by 6.9%That is, they moved from 36,754 to 34,204. This is the direct result of the disappearance of bank branches, which in the same period saw a decrease of 19.1%, going from 29,039 to 23,480 between 2016 and 2020.

circa 2,800 Italian municipalities do not have the possibility to withdraw from ATMsThey have to travel dozens of kilometers to make a cash withdrawal.

because? Withdrawals are down significantly, also due to the pandemic, so the Banks don’t find it cheaper to own all these ATMs, while the profit of the lender is the commission.

How do you deal with the shortage of automated teller machines?

ATM withdrawals

Given that the banks have changed their methods, the habits of Italians must also change, as is already happening with electronic money. It may be useful to use more i Electronic payments by card or smartphoneIn this way there is almost no need for paper money, also because managers are now obligated to allow POS payments even for small amounts.

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You can choose a file A credit institution with many branches in the region, to avoid paying Committees With every withdrawal. Or you can choose an online bank. In this case the commissions will be zero.

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The last advice is to do Less withdrawals, more money.

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