Atleticom We Run Rome Tomorrow December 31

This year marks the centenary of the final structure of Rome in the 22 districts we know today that mark the subdivision into districts of the historical center of Rome. Hence the idea of ​​linking each of the departures to a region (Monte, Trevi, Colonna, Campo de’ Fiori, Sileo, etc.), so as to give a new career to the event, centered around
A sense of belonging without losing the spirit and values ​​of sport.

The road between the wonders of Rome
Marking its 10th anniversary and after the hiatus brought about by the restrictive anti-virus measures, Atleticom We Run Rome resumes by dedicating 10km of one of the most exciting races in the world for the Emile Zatopek, the human locomotive, one of the greatest athletes of all time, and without a doubt one of the most remarkable personalities in athletics in the world.
Atleticom We Run Rome has been running for 10 years now on December 31st in Rome, starting at 2.00pm, within the city’s historic surroundings. From the Baths of Caracalla to the Circus Maximus, passing through Piazza Venezia, via del Corso, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza del Popolo, Bencio, Villa Borghese, via Veneto, via dei Fori Imperiale and the Colosseum, to reach the finish line however, again at the Baths of Caracalla, Every year a colorful and cheerful river of men, women and children flows through the streets of Rome.

For this historical version dedicated to the provinces of Rome, only the match shirt can be Pompeian redThe color of the Eternal City. Atleticom We Run Rome 2021 will be limited to a maximum of 6000 participants and yes
It will implement full compliance and compliance with the applicable provisions regarding containment of the epidemiological risk of Covid-19, issued by the relevant bodies and identified by FIDAL in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and CTS.
The start of the race will be organized in “waves”, and each wave, as defined by the Federal Protocol, will consist of a maximum of 2,000 athletes. The timing of each ride will be determined by providing an appropriate interval between each and a physical distance between each athlete.

ATLETICOM WE RUN ROME is held under the auspices of FIDAL, and is included in the national calendar and awarded FIDAL appreciation silver sticker It is sponsored by CONI, Roma Capitale and the Lazio region.
The event will be produced and broadcast by Rai Sport.

I am the best athlete
Among the more than 5,000 members, there are also some of the top athletes on the national and international scene. in the foreground Daniel Miucci, winner of two editions of We Run Rome (2013 and 2018) and in search of the ambitious trio, Marco Najib Salami and Daniel De OnofrioBoth teams won the European Cup gold medal over 10,000 metres. Francisco Guerra, the blue at the last European Cross in Dublin, H Ahmed AbdelwahedSilver Medal in the 3000m steeplechase at the 2017 European Under 23 Championships.

It is especially expected among Eritrean women Rachel Daniel, which will have to guard against attacks from Ukraine Sophia Yarmashuk and Italian Federica Zan.

The referees for ATLETICOM HAGUE we manage in Rome
One of the areas, ‘Colona’ will be fully allocated the reviewer. As a regular designation for several years now, December 31st will also be a day judgmentThe race that sees football referees as champions within Atléticum We run Roma.

This year’s event acquires an even more significant value as it will be dedicated to Stefano Matera, head of the Roma 1 division, who died prematurely. Among the referees who will be at the Nando Martellini Stadium in Caracalla, in the front row. Danielle’s dutiesThe new president of Rome 1, then Paolo Valerie in a
Representing Rome 2 Division and Alessandro Baoni, Chair of the AIA Juvenile Study Committee.
More than 200 judges will take part in the competition: among them the head of the Lazio Regional Referees Committee Julio Duboz, a former assistant at the African Cup of Nations, and Luca Orsano, the current RefereeRUN champion and Italian track and field athlete, who is able to take sixth place in the last European Championship under 23 years old in Tallinn.
He will not be physically present, but will send his regards to the many competing athletes, Alfredo Trentalang, President of the AIA who has always supported with the entire National Committee.
The AIA station for the competition will have several new features including the delivery of the new association technical jersey to all members. The occasion will also be to promote the recruitment campaign for the Referee Courses # Be wise Participate in fundraising from AIL . Charity Sponsor (Italian League Against Leukemia and Lymphoma) purchased poinsettias.

I’m the best athlete – men
Daniel Miucci – Born in Pisa on October 7, 1985. A military athlete. The 2014 European Marathon Champion in Zurich, in his career he won 15 medals in the international continental assessments, including gold in the European Cup in the 10,000m and 10 absolute national titles in 5 different disciplines. Meucci is looking for three of his kind in We Run Rome
Having already won in two editions (2013 and 2018).

Ahmed Abdelwahed – He was born in Rome on May 26, 1996, of the Viam Gial sports group. The family is of Egyptian origin. Among his best results are a silver medal in the 3000 steeplechase at the European Under-23 Championship in 2017, the Italian title in the absolute in 2019 and 13th place at the European Championship in 2018.

Marco Najibe Salami – Born in Ostiglia (Mantua) on July 7, 1985, he is a military athlete. In 2015, he participated in the European Cup 10000 meters held in Italy, in Cagliari, and finished 26th but won the gold medal for the team.
Francesco Guerra – Born in Rome on July 17, 2001. He competes in the Apuan Alps Park GP.

Daniel De Onofrio – He was born in Castel de Sandro (L’Aquila) on October 8, 1993, and belongs to the Fiamme Oro Sports Group. He twice won the team gold medal over 10,000 meters at the 2015 European Cup (in Cagliari) and in 2016 (in Mersin, Turkey).

Mohamed Amin Jhinaoui – Tunisian athlete born on April 2, 1997. He was the national champion of Tunisia in the 3000 hurdles with a personal best of 8’23” 07.

Rachel Daniel – Born in Eritrea on November 16, 2001, she is one of the biggest candidates on the eve of the match. His personal figure of 10km is 34:59 in 2020 in San Sebastian.

Sophia Yarmashuk Athlete, born in Lviv, Ukraine on June 3, 1994, but has lived in Italy for several years and has been an Italian citizen since 2021. She works for Army Sports Group.

Federica Zan – He was born in Brescia on August 4, 1997, from the Army Sports Group. He is ninth in the 5000 at the European Under-23 Championship in 2019.

Maria Mazurenko – She was born in Ukraine on May 28, 1997. She flaunts a figure of 36:07 with a 10 km mileage which she got in 2018 in Lvov.

For both competitive and non-competitive 10 kilometres, the registration fee is set at €20.00; For the 5 kilometer run, the registration fee is set at €12.00.

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