Atleticom We Run Rome, all the anti-Covid curiosities and rules

Tomorrow, Friday, December 31, the tenth edition ofAtléticum run Rome with the County Challenge.
This year marks the centenary of the final structure of Rome in the 22 districts we know today that mark the subdivision into districts of the historical center of Rome. Hence the idea of ​​linking each of the departures to a region (Monte, Trevi, Colonna, Campo de’ Fiori, Sileo, etc.), in order to give a new invitation to the event, centered around a sense of belonging, without losing the spirit and sporting values.

Numbers and Curiosities – ATLETICOM WE MANAGE ROME 2021
30 – Represented Nations
31 – Highest Number Athletes from the United States
Registered in North America
61 – Athletes from Spain, the country with the most number
Of those registered in Europe (except Italy)
8 – Japan
13- Philippines
17 – United Kingdom
3300 – Rivalry of Roman Athletes
2901 – Men
1503 – Women
87-years of the most mature athletes to participate in the competition
3 – YEARS Youngest participant recorded at 5 km
300 volunteers on the way
200 – The judges of The Hague who will participate in the race
50 – The Pacers team that will guide the participants along the way

pull the apron
Back to the past forAtléticum run RomeAfter choosing several exclusive locations that marked the previous editions, we decided for the tenth edition to return to the tradition, choosing one of the emblematic places of Romanian athletics but not only: Caracalla Baths Stadium Nando’s Martellini.

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It will be possible to collect your apron in the following days
? Tuesday 28 December from 10:30 to 19:00
? Wednesday, December 29 from 10:30 to 19:00
? Thursday December 30 from 10:30 to 19:00

In accordance with the provisions of FIDAL, the collection of the bibliography will be mandatory for the residents of the municipality of Rome on the days mentioned above. Withdrawal by proxy will be possible. Only non-residents of Rome and foreign participants will have an additional possibility to withdraw on Friday 31 December from 9:30 to 13:00 at the Stadio delle Terme di Caracalla.

To enter the Terme di Caracalla Stadium (Largo delle Vittime del Terrorismo, 1) and receive your bib, you will need to show the following documents:

? Green Pass, Molecular Test or Rapid Antigen with a negative CoVid-19 result (valid for 48 hours)
? Registration receipt
? identification document
? Self-certification of the fight against Covid-19
The corporate draw has been scheduled for the 29th and 30th of December by reservation. The contact person in each company can schedule the group by sending an email to [email protected]

normal antivirus

Organizing Committee forATLETICOM We run RomeIn accordance with the regulations in force in Italy to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the following measures will be envisaged:

1) To access the village area, it will be mandatory to have the Italian Green Certificate or the currently valid European Union (EU) Green Corridor;

2) To collect a racing bib, it will be mandatory to show an Italian Green Certificate or an EU Green Passage valid on December 31, 2021;

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3) recovery from SARS-CoV-2 infection (valid for 6 months);

4) In the event that the player does not possess the Italian Green Certificate or the European Union (EU) Green Corridor, to reach the village area or to obtain the racing bib, he must show the certificate that he has carried out a molecular or rapid antigen test with a negative CoVid-19 result (valid for 48 hours).

5) For those who come from non-EU countries (to reach the village area and collect a racing bib), it will be mandatory to have an EU-recognised vaccination certificate or negative result of PCR or second or III generation antigen swab made within 48 hours before the race (therefore effective from December 31, 2021);

Along with submitting the Italian Green Certificate or the EU Green Corridor, those who are entitled to or will have to access the competition site must be in possession of and submit a self-declaration of anti-CoVID19. A self-certification form is a certificate in which the participant states that they do not have any symptoms and that they have not come into contact with people with Covid-19.

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