Athletics, Sibelio is approaching a season full of commitments

Napoli, who has abandoned domestic competitions, aspires to the World and European Championships with good ambitions.


Alessandro Sibelio is one of the new faces of the Italian lightweight athlete. In 2021, the mention of the best Italian athletes is gaining strength and exciting results. Napoli, after a good career at youth level, has done great things even among the “Great”. He came close to Fabrizio Mori’s tricolor primacy, won the European Under-23 Championship in Tallinn in the Estonian 9, and ran in two Olympic finals in the 400 hurdles and with the 4×400 relay.

A track that also puts him in the spotlight for 2022 as he will have an exciting double date with the Eugene World Championships in the US in July and the European Championships in August in Munich. The competitions he decided to meticulously prepare for by skipping the indoor season just as he did last winter. Choice also agreed with head coach La Torre and was married by other lap specialists.

Sibilio returned from rallying in the hottest area of ​​Syracuse, where 1999 Seville world champion Fabrizio Mori was also in attendance. The collaboration with the former Leghorn champion has so far achieved significant results by helping the talented athlete who often defends the colors of Fiamme Gialle.

Napoli have shown that they are ready to compete in the great Finals. If he can confirm last year’s times, he could easily have his place among Eugene’s top eight in the US. On the other hand, the ceiling of ambitions is rising not so little in terms of the European Championships in Munich in August. With the exception of Norway’s formidable Karsten Warholm, who took the 400 hurdles discipline to another dimension in Tokyo by winning the gold with the world record, Sibelio is certainly one of the European athletes able to achieve the most growth in the past two seasons.

So dreaming of getting close to the podium or even taking a step is more than legitimate. Napoli will also participate in both the World Championships and the Continental Championships in the 4×400 relay, another race you can dream big of.

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