Athletics, Nick Ponzio Retires! Sudden advertisement on social media

A real bolt from the blue. Italian Athleticswhich is preparing for the main event of 2023, i.e. i World Cup in Budapest (Hungary) scheduled From 19 to 27 AugustHe was shaken by some unexpected news. Refers to Nick Pontius.

Good, Italian-American shot put specialist He announced on his Instagram profile that Retire from sports activity. The 28-year-old San Diego native, an Italian citizen since June 15, 2021 (his great-grandfather was Sicilian), decided that says enough, He confirmed in a long post that his last race will be Drake Relays.

A race in which he finished fourth with a time of 20.59directed by Ryan Crozier With 22.42 (3 throws over 22 yards and 3 empty), Tip Peppery (21.45) and who Chuck Inquichi (20.81). “Well, the rumors were true. I regret to inform everyone that it is with a heavy heart that I will be involuntarily retiring from athletics indefinitely.The first words of Pontius’ letter.

tomorrow [ieri, n.d.r.] drakerelays will likely be the last race of my career. This is not my decision nor what I want to do, but it is beyond my control. I will be making a video to fully explain everything so that everyone will understand soon when everything is official. I am currently removed from the sport and it is no longer acceptable for me to compete at a professional level for the foreseeable future. The past few months have been very difficult for me in many ways, and it no doubt shows in my daily functioning and living.“, the focus of the Italian athlete.

I’ve lost so many things that once made me feel good and good about myself, and it’s truly been the worst year of my life so far. It is truly terrible what the authorities have decided to do to the athletes with the new rules they have put in place to punish athletes for small violations, but regardless of circumstances and mitigating pleas. Sadly, it doesn’t matter what I want or try to do anymore, and they don’t care anymore. They seem to prefer to see the sport die, disqualifying young talent, than to see it flourish. I wish I could continue to be the ‘showman’ for all of you, and make you enjoy watching our beloved sport with a smile on your face, but for now the controller says that can’t be the case. Thanks everyone for everything. I hope you all enjoyed what I had to offer, I had the opportunity to do this for a little whilePontius concludes.

The conclusion is, as mentioned, unexpected for the athlete who is with Zenware he’s at Leonardo Fabry He went on to build up a quality roster of athletes, which is considered Weir’s European victory at the European Indoor Championships this year. Career has been archived, with a maximum peak last year at the European Outdoor Championships in Munich (Germany) where Ponzio finished 4th with a scale of 20.98. It is also fair to consider ninth place at the World Championships in Eugene (USA) also in 2022 with 20.81.

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