Athletics, Golden Gala in Florence: Live TV on Rai 3. Competition program and all Diamond League awards

the Pietro Mania Golden Gala 2023 Broadcast live on Rai 3 on Friday 2 June from 8pm, the images produced by RAI will be broadcast by IMG in more than 150 territories around the world, for literally worldwide coverage. Golden Gala, included in a circle Diamond League, will not take place at the Olimpico in Rome, where works are about to allow the facility, just over 70, to host the European Athletics Championships in June 2024. The competitions will be held at the Stadio Luigi Ridolfi of Florence. At each of the 14 meetings of the Diamond League, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) awards a prize of $10,000 to the winner of each discipline. At the end of the final round, first place out of 16 majors will be awarded the Diamond Trophy, 30 thousand dollars and qualify for the World Championships in Athletics.

The 43rd edition of the event will be attended by ten Olympic champions from Tokyo, but also by selling tickets at the box office, in a show that will condense many summer challenges into one evening (in the run-up to the World Championships. August 19-27 in Budapest) and which Thursday afternoon’s vigil saw a brilliant attendance test the track and stands of the Stadio Florentine. Many world but also Italian athletics stars (almost all of the Azzurri have arrived in the Tuscan capital today) “acclimatised” with Ridolfi despite the thunder in the background for training: light work, stretching, some stretches for track testing but also some calm. Shown by the heroes they are all very useful to the boys and girls of the Athletica Firenze marathon who participated as volunteers for the Golden Gala and are ready to take a precious selfie and tag the stars of world athletics in an Instagram story.

Among the challenges of the Diamond League on Friday, it is immediate to think of the men’s 100m, even without Marcel Jacobs: in the blocks in Florence there will be gold, silver and bronze from the last World Cup in Eugene, born Fred. CurlyMarvin Brassy and Tryphon Brummel. Kerley, second behind Jacobs in the Games, this year expressed himself in 9.88, behind only 9.84 from Kenya’s Ferdinand. Amaniala: The direct confrontation between the two in Rabat went to the American, and Akani of South Africa ranked second simbin. All five will meet again in Ridolfi, with Barassi just 48 hours before making the 9.93 in Montreuil (France).

Erriyon’s potential bid on the men’s 200 metres Knighton19-year-old man who broke Bolt’s youth world record personal best of 19.49 and bronze at World Championships a year ago: Also look out for Cuban Rainier Lead, already expressed at 19.95 on May 24 in Savona. Dina Asher Smithgraduated with honors in history and in the 200m (world gold 2019), will venture into the 100: María José ta loat 34, is one of the greatest placements in sprinting history (three times fourth at the Games, two silvers and a bronze at the World Cup) but this season she has already scored a 10.78.

Perhaps the highlight of the Italian stage of the Diamond League is the middle distance, in the city that saw the 800m world record fall in 1981 at the hands (and legs) of Sebastian Coe. Titanic Men’s 5000m Challenge with Olympic Distance Joshua Cheptegy (Uganda) for Tokyo Gold 10,000 Solomon Barregas (Ethiopia), in a discipline at the Golden Gala featuring two of 10 world records broken at the Golden Gala (Said Aweta in 1987 and Musa Keptanui in 1995) and Jacob’s European Primacy Engbrijtsen Live in Florence in 2021. However, the opponents will only be supporting actors: Canadian record holder Mohammed Ahmed (12:47.20) Spanish record holder Mohamed Cater (12:50.79), another Golden Gala Nicholas Award winner kipkorir (Kenya), who broke the meet record in 12:46.33 last year at the Olympico in Rome, and Berihu ArgawiDiamond League winner in 2021.

In the women’s field, expectations are very high for the world record holder and almost world record holder. Of the 3,000 steeplechases none in history has gone farther than Beatrice’s 8:44.32 ChepkoechKenny: In Florence, on an evening with a climate perhaps ideal for middle-distance running, he will meet American veteran Emma Coburn2017 World Champion, Ethiopian Mekides Abebefifth in the world all time with a time of 8:56,08, Albanian Luisa GigaEuropean Champion title holder. Faith Kipygon She is world number one in the metric mile: last year at the Diamond League in Montecarlo she nearly broke the world record with a 3:50.37, a record that remains “in her heart and soul”. Among the opponents is one of the symbolic faces of the European middle distance, the Scottish Laura Muir.

Throwing Star Wars: The men’s shot put challenge brings world champion Joe Kovacs (USA) and Tom Walsh (New Zealand), winners of three outdoor world golds in two (Kovacs in Beijing 2015 and Doha 2019, Walsh in London 2017), propelled by Ryan Crouser’s world record of 23.56 just six days earlier in Los Angeles. The women’s disc puts Olympian Valary in front of her every man (use) for the world championship Feng Ben (China): The American, excellent 70.25 in 2023, has not thrown less than 67 meters since last June, but last year in Eugene she had to bow to 69.12 for the Asian.

The global climate also has a long term impact on women, as Malaika emphasized at the press conference mihambo And Larisa Yapicino: German, Olympian and world champion, recovering from flu. It will be a big competition, with Nigerian Eugene Essa winning the silver mistreatmenttwo-time world champion Serbian Ivana Voletta SpanovicEuropean British Interior Gold Jazmin saws Ukrainian Marina Bech Romanchuk, winner in 2022. The top of the Women’s Summer 2022 auction will be condensed into one evening with full podiums in Eugene (World Cup) and Monaco (European Championship). From Eugene, Katie Moon Ngot (Olympic and world gold medalist but also seasonal world leader), Sandy Maurice (She won last year at the Olympico with 4.81) and Australian Nina KennedyDiamond League winner 2022. From Monaco Wilma, Finland I diedas well as the inner European gold in Greek Istanbul Katrina Stephanides Former Olympian, World Champion and two-time Queen of the Golden Gala, Slovenian Tina sotej.

Superheroes will dance between the barriers. Grant Hollowaythe man whose light and gold starts at the last two World Championships, is a 110-hurdles beacon: He will find compatriot Devon again Allen, which is divided between athletics and American football and which last year was eliminated from the final of the 1000 World Championships only at the start. The United States is also in first place with JuVaughn in the lead HarrisonSeasonal World Leader vs. Korean Silver and Bronze Eugene Woo Sang-hyuk and Ukrainian Andrey Protsenko.

fimk pee, the Dutchman born in 2000, is one of the emblematic faces of athletics on the old continent: he will run the 400m hurdles and is the European record holder in 52.03. On the flat distance, Paul is the indoor and outdoor European champion and the indoor world record holder: in Florence she will leave room for three other high-ranking Europeans such as Poland’s Natalia kaczmarek and Anna kilpasinska and Dutch Leiki Claveras well as Jamaican Candice MacLeod. Proposal in triple is a Christian name Taylortwo-time Olympic gold medalist (2012 and 2016) but has been severely delayed by injuries in recent years: African record holder Hugo Fabrice Zango (Burkina Faso) with a score of 17.81 is the season leader but watch out for Andy Diaz, 17.80 windy this year and more suspected of a possible blue exploit in Florence’s golden celebration. How many stars are in a night dream.


interview final ranking
POS Discipline awards POS Final awards by discipline
1street $10,000 1street 30 thousand dollars
2g $6,000 2g $12,000
3Research and development $3,500 3Research and development $7,000
4y 2000 dollars 4y $4,000
5y 1250 USD 5y $2,500
6y 1000 dollars 6y 2000 dollars
7y $750 7y $1,500
8y 500 dollars 8y 1000 dollars

Golden Gala 2023 program

6.30pmOfficial Women’s discus throw
6.45 p.mOfficial Men’s triple jump
7:00 pmOfficial 100 million womenMaster
19:10Official 100 m menMaster
7.15pmGoing Men’s shot put
19:20Official 100 m menfeder
7.35pmOfficial Youth medley relay 12x200m
7:43 p.mGoing Women’s pole vault
20:04Official 400m hurdles for women
8.15pma plan 200 million men
8:20 plan high jump men
8:25 plan 3000m hurdles for women
8:42 plan Women’s long jump
8:44 plan 100 million women
20:56a plan Men’s 110m hurdles
21:06a plan 5000m men
21:28a plan 400 million women
21:39a plan 100 m men
21:49a plan 1500m women

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