Athletics: Dallavalle 17.35 in the triple, qualifying for Tokyo – sport

(ANSA) – Grosto, June 12 – An unforgettable day for the Italy Trilogy. At Grosseto, Andrea Dallavalle enters a new dimension with a flight of 17.35 (+1.7), becoming the fourth Italian ever after Fabrizio Donato (17.60), Danielle Greco (17.47), Paolo Camusi (17, 45). A measure that allows him to take the qualification criterion for the Tokyo Olympics (set at 17.14) and gives him the best Italian under-23 performance: surpassing Daniel Greco’s 17.20 in Kaunas in 2009.

The long-awaited day arrived for the twenty-one-year-old from Piacenza of Fiamme Gialle: on the podium that brought him close to 17 meters four years ago at the Eurojunior, he broke through that wall that seemed enchanted, with a tremendous lead, forty centimeters against 16.95. The “shot” is the third jump in his series, on the Italian junior and promising championships, after two rounds of 16.75 and 16.94. And what instills even more optimism is that Dallavalle gives at least twenty centimeters to the scale, and breaks even before the axle hits: you can do much better than that.

but that is not all. Because if Dallavalle decides that’s enough for this race, Simone Forte (Fiamme Gialle) enters the stage, off the rankings (from 1996), and in the last jump embraces his first 17 meters of his career, 17.07 (+1.5), seven centimeters off the standard Tokyo. Together with 17.14 of the other blue Emmanuel Ihemeje in the United States (on the Italian night), triple blue can really dream. (handle).

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