Athena woman in women’s prisons, meetings and triage – medicine

In the summer period, Athena Donna’s work in women’s prisons did not stop, as the Together Project for Prevention and Screening had strong support as indicated by the association “by the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia and the new President of the DAP Carlo Reynoldi”. Today, July 4, in particular, a meeting on dermatological issues is scheduled at the Civitavecchia facility with Professor Luca Bianchi, Head of Dermatology at UOSD Clinic Tor Vergata and journalist and host of the screening program Luana Ravegnini. The next meeting will also focus on these issues, which will instead take place at Pozzuoli Prison on July 7.
The goal that is being worked on is to expand the scope of the project to include all female prisoners.
“We are working – explains Carla Vittoria Maira, President of Atena Donna – to extend the current protocol between DAP and Athena Donna to all women’s institutes in Italy, which provides prevention and screening for all restricted women. Female prisoners have the same opportunity to access free visits and screenings, as it happens every April 22 For all women during the National Women’s Health Day, created on the proposal of the Athena Foundation, which reaches tens of thousands of women every year. All over Italy and gives them the opportunity to get free screening “. The intention is to continue the journey in the coming months through Italy from Lazio, to Treveneto, from Puglia to Campania.

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