Atalanta and the lack of synchronization of the matches of the last round.


A few hours into the final day of the tournament, we found out that it wouldn’t be played at the same time. This was expected, of course, since the regulation stipulated that only those teams still competing for a concrete goal should take the field at the same time. The selection, the Italian, is in marked contrast to the selection leagues that have managed to collect more from the sale of television rights. Whoever publishes matches more to increase the audience, who tries in every way to increase profits, even through practices that have nothing to do with the concept of sports, in the end collects less. Strange isn’t it? Maybe not. In this post, it is worth remembering what Sarri, the coach of Lazio, said a few weeks ago, on the eve of the Inter match: “The prime minister collects 4 billion and does not broadcast matches on Saturday afternoon, while we are in anyone who gives us a quarter of that amount. Tomorrow it is a degree The heat is 33 degrees and we play at 12:30, we try our best to make the tournament mediocre, all conditions are created to put in a bad show and then complain because we get less money. It’s the logical outcome.” It’s true: For starters, the Premier League doesn’t broadcast matches (in the UK) on Saturday afternoons, as it’s a weekend period for amateurs, so people fill the stands – when there is – at stadiums in the suburbs rather than sitting at home on a couch. another mentality.

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