At the Rowing Club of Rome “March of the Penguins”

Great success in the gala evening organized by lawyers Romulo and Massimo Ribois (Rebois Law Firm) in the wonderful setting of Circulo Canotieri in Rome.

The event, called “March of the Penguins,” is inspired by the title of a 2005 film that documented the love journey of these gentle animals who traveled from north to south to breed and conserve their species.

The tiara worn by lawyers evokes the natural garb of penguins, in this ceaseless march in search of truth and justice, for being a lawyer is a profession, a choice of sacrifices and commitment, always to defend the weakest and the innocent.

The event recorded the participation of more than 200 guests, including lawyers, judges, journalists, independent business owners, businessmen, institutional representatives and senior officials.

After the usual welcome, photos, and interviews with journalist Marilena Alessio on the red carpet, we’ve moved on to the welcome cocktail by the pool, right up to the gala dinner, which is served in a suggestive and elegant setting.

The evening was very clear between speeches, awards and exhibitions. The organizer InGiustizia Servizi benefited from the excellent collaboration of entertainment and entertainment specialist Franco Corapi PieffeE20, who oversaw the program and mentored.

The March of the Penguins was a fundraising opportunity for the Italian Red Cross, the largest humanitarian organization.

The first interventions on the stage were dedicated to the event sponsors: Riccardo Zanetti of the international brand Zannetti Luxurious Handmade Watches, specially designed for the event, two precious watches depicting penguins; Entrepreneur Andrea Di Giuseppe, Global CEO of Trend Group, the Italian company unique in the world, which produces mosaics on different continents for churches, mosques and temples of various other religions.

For the occasion, a precious mosaic was created depicting the coat of arms of the Red Cross, which was given to the head of the Italian Red Cross, Avv. Francesco Rocca, for his merits as a defender of the weak.

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Other sponsors of the event include: Sicurezza Globale 1972, the private security establishment among the most popular among the Romanian elites, which flawlessly managed security for the evening; 61ik, the fashion brand of a modern shoe factory whose remarkable uniqueness is manifested in the color of the right shoe red; Best Western Hotel Astrid and Digital Innovation hotel chain that honored guests with photo printing of the event; Blu Banca who does not want to miss the appointment.

Tasting menu created by Chef Egidio Longo, in collaboration with local food companies, organic companies and zero mileage companies: Noobis Food, with Gluten-Free Pasta, Alfio Visalli, Key Salt with Tuna Butarga, King of Truffles, Extra High with its owner, Edmondo Angelaccio, and truffles Precious, premium quality meat of the Galli Group, Oleificio Trainito, Il Chiaramontano Processed Meat Factory, La Quercia and Ricotta Cheese, Egg Bioangeli Fattorie Cupidi, Wheat Heart of Orazio Albanesi, Pasticceria Fiori, Caffè Gioia, Papa Confetti & Cioccolato, Cuorenero and Dolceamaro srl, Pergusto Buffalo Mozzarella, Stracciatella, Colli Cimini winemakers, Casa Poles and the wine of the old rural traditions of the Poles family, the prestigious Casale del Giglio. Everything is perfectly coordinated by Anna Facchini.

Between one dish and another there was no shortage of moments of presentation: musical entertainment with Maestro Alessandro Alessandro, known in the most important Roman nightclubs, wandering interventions by Rafael Socci and his silhouette, close-up of the magician Andrea Boccia, fascinating stories created with Sand and Shadows By Oscar Strizzi. The evening was hosted by Federica Bertone.

Official photographers Nick and Ariana.

Audio and video service Niutek srl.

All guests expressed their praise for the initiative, from Osvaldo De Micheli, > To advertise movies, to sen. Giuseppe Valentino’s lawyer, former undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, to contact. Paolo Saluzzi, Vice President of the Romanian Academy of Arts and Dr. Paolo Vitale, president of the Rowing Club of Rome.

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Many international guests from the United States and various European countries came specifically for the event.

In addition to attorney Massimo Riboa, a lawyer in Florida and Italy, among the guests who came from the United States we remember the attorney. Paul Venezio, President of the Italian Palm Beach Club, Dr. Andrea Di Giuseppe, President of Com.It. From Florida, Professor Rebecca Spitzmiller, along with many others, some of whom landed in Fiumicino a few hours before the event.

Among the lawyers who came from other European countries we remember the lawyer. Ana Escobar of the Bar of Alicante and Advocate. Aurelio Monaco, of the Berlin Bar Association, while among the lawyers who came from other Italian courts, we would like to remember the presence of the lawyer. Reynaldo Riboa, of the Court of Massa Carrara, and of the lawyers Alfredo Salioco and Rossella Campanalonga, of the Court of Northern Naples, while from other Lazio courts the presence of a sine in Rome has been observed. Livio Proitti and Adv. Giovanni Poretta da Tivoli Adv. Angelo Pizzigallo, Mayor of Anguillara Sabazia. Lara Kachira, from Filitri. Guests also came from Sicily, including notary Giuseppe Boscarino from Catania. And after that, many notable Roman guests and politicians, such as the Huns. Alfredo Antoniozzi, Mayor of Oria, Maria Caroni, Marco de’ Medici, son of Giorgio Almirante, many lawyers, accountants and businessmen, among whom we like to remember the lawyer. Advocate Simon Trivelli Maurizio Sangermano, Advocate Roberta Virginelli, Advocate Gabriel Germano, Advocate Alessandro Graziani, Advocate Pietro Di Tosto. Mauro Vaglio, lawyer. Rosa Irardi, Adv. Giovanna Ranieri, Adv. Mario Guido Antonio Corvasi, Adv. Fabio Nicoli, Claudia Petini, d. Pascal de Falco, d. Viama Trippi, Dr. Francesco Pappalardo, Arch. Mauro Mancini, M.; Alessio Kochilovo, d. Manfredi Lombardi, Dr. Rita Acatino and Dr. Ellaria de Simone.

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Again, journalists, some of whom came specifically from other cities, such as Elisabetta Andreis of Corriere della Sera in Milan, or Fausto Pellegrini of Rai News, Simone Navarra of Askanews, Anna Messia of Milano Finanza and Emanuela Pala.

Once again, many entrepreneurs, including Fabio Stropbaghetti and his wife, the influencer Isabella Marselli, Walter Romani of 61ik, Giampaolo Cucilovo, Giovanni Brunner, Francesco Maria Orsi, Alma Laias and distinguished members of the public administration or the forces of Amati, such as Ricardo Monaco, Elisabetta Paporo , Katrina Flick, Enzo Bencini, Danilo Infantino. There were also advocates of the banking world, such as Paola Monaco and Stefano Ignelli.

In addition to the head of the Red Cross, the international entrepreneur Andrea de Giuseppe, who was awarded by the Romanian Academy of Arts the Order of Athlete’s Access made of bronze, was awarded in 1967 by the sculptor Enzo Benedetto and the lawyer. Romulo Repois whose lawyer. Alberto Fernandez of the Bar of Madrid was given special recognition by Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid.

To celebrate 40 years of the legal profession. Romulo Ribois has many of his clients, including Hamala Diop, a worker who was dismissed in Milan for reporting Covid-19 in Milan nursing homes, and Mr Marcelo Martella, who represents the families of the Rigopiano victims.

After two years of the pandemic and the closure, Romulus and Massimo Ribois, in the film “The Walk of the Penguins”, wanted to pave the way for the hope of resuming normal life, in the form of an elegant evening spent among friends, in one of the historical clubs in the capital, achieving the desired result, which is to allow the participants to carry With them forever the most beautiful dream of each of us: life.

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