At the Fukushima Power Plant, all spent nuclear fuel rods have been removed from one of the reactors

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the company that operates the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan, Advertise On Sunday, work was completed to remove all 566 spent fuel rods from Reactor 3. It is one of the three reactors where, in March 2011, following the earthquake and subsequent tsunami, nuclear fuel melted and is the first of three reactors in which the fuel has been exhausted. The fuel removal work has been completed. , Which was It started in April 2019.

The fuel rods were stored in a storage basin and removed Automatically With a crane operating at a distance of about 500 meters. They are now in a private warehouse inside the factory. Work on their removal was supposed to begin at the end of 2014 but was postponed several times due to the difficulty of clearing debris from the factory explosions in 2011; Moreover, it took longer than expected to remove the bars due to a malfunction of the machine used. Tepco plans to complete fuel removal from other reactors at the Fukushima plant by 2031: It will be very difficult to do this inside reactor 1 due to the large amount of debris it contains; In reactor 2, on the other hand, more attention needs to be paid to radiation, which is particularly high there.

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The work done on Sunday was an important step in the plant decommissioning process, albeit not the most sensitive step: removal Fuel dissolved in reactors It will be the hardest thing.

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