At Onda, Senaldi takes De Gregorio’s place: “We don’t ask ourselves if Zelensky…”.

The mission to Tunisia of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte takes the form of a memorandum of understanding to be signed by June to relaunch the bilateral partnership with President Kais Saidi. and persuade him to accept loans – and reforms – from the International Monetary Fund. The exact match is the focus of discussion on In Onda, the program hosted by Concita De Gregorio and David Parenzo on La7. What are you doing in Tunisia? “The question is not whether to give the money to a bad man or a good man, the question is whether to keep Tunisia under a dark circle of Western control or whether it will be ceded to Russia and China who are willing to put up with it, one economically and the other militarily,” Pietro Sinaldi explains.

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Co-editor of Libero compares the relationship between the West and Ukraine. “We don’t ask ourselves whether Zelensky is a good person, we stand up for the Ukrainian people regardless of the human and political qualities” of the leadership, which “were hotly contested.” The hosts object that there is no dictatorship or order in Kiev. The journalist replies: “We advocate the fact that Ukraine will one day join NATO, the European Union and the Western alignment,” “We want to give all of Africa to Russia, where is Wagner? I’m not there for a field summer,” says Sinaldi.

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