AstraZeneca vaccine less than 55 years ago, but planning to invent (who will the doses go to?)

A week to make the decision. We have to act quickly because we risk getting vaccines before lists of people to be given And utilities where this can be done. The first supply of 428,440 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine will be sent on February 8, but Italy still doesn’t know who is being vaccinated. Another meeting will be held today between the Ministers of Health (Roberto Speranza), Regional Affairs (Francesco Boccia) and the Governors and Commissioners of the Coronavirus Emergency, Domenico Arcuri.

European Union and AstraZeneca clash, “unjustified and unacceptable cuts in deliveries”

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Choices must be made: If the Aifa (Medicines Agency) signal proposing to reserve this vaccine for citizens between the ages of 18 and 55 is accepted, as is likely, the next step must be taken: Which categories do we start from? “It seems appropriate – as Nino Cartabilota, health expert and president of the Gympie Foundation notes – that priority be given to teachers, public services, law enforcement agencies and prisons. But in terms of organization and logistical, we are long overdue. The vaccination plan is very bad. ” According to the Lazio Region, Parliament must participate in the choices of the classes that it will administer AstraZeneca: “It is imperative that regions be empowered soon to have a clear indication of priorities and to update the National Strategic Plan.

On this issue, we need the utmost transparency and uniform choice at the national level. ”If today the government and territories decide to start vaccination, with AstraZeneca, who are 55 years old and who work in the school world or in the police, there is exactly one week to prepare the lists of names Nicknames, summons, and organization of vaccination centers. Some regions prepared them (in Lazio, one of two thousand shots per day is ready in the Fiumicino airport car park), others did not. There is an intention to involve general practitioners, but the agreement has not yet been signed. : There is a risk that AstraZeneca vaccines will arrive before the organizational structure for their use is ready.

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Vaccine, European Union: 9 million additional doses of AstraZeneca compared to 31 announced

Numerology in Italy

It should be noted that to the 428,440 doses scheduled to leave the factory in Belgium on February 8, 661,133 will be added on the fifteenth. The total number of doses is expected to reach 3.4 million by March 31, even if it is the president of the European Commission. Yesterday, Ursula von der Leyen announced that after a very difficult confrontation in the last few days after cutting supplies by 75 percent, AstraZeneca has pledged to add 9 million doses. Of these, 13.4 percent go to Italy, thus 1.2 million more (thus the total in the first quarter rises to 4.6 million). For Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, everything is simpler, because now we follow the registration criteria and all children over 80 years old are vaccinated, and in some areas, they can start booking. But the restrictions put in place by Aifa (which implements Ema, the European Medicines Agency) complicates the process: We will not simply go vaccination for the under-55 age groups, but we will be based on the groups at the front line. However, another variable looms on the horizon: AstraZeneca is continuing the trials in America, and in 4-6 weeks, it should have new data for an older age group, up to 65 years old.

Vaccine, leave the refrigerator closed by mistake: 1,100 doses of Pfizer in Florida have been destroyed

If the conclusions are reassuring, Ema and Aifa will be able to update the suggestions in light of these new checks. Here, too: on the one hand, it would be a step forward, because vaccination could begin for a more at-risk age group (between 56 and 65 years old), and on the other hand, it could complicate list compilation and recall. Yesterday, 66,000 doses of Moderna were delivered to Pratica di Mare. In those hours, half a million Pfizer will arrive. Today, in the regions, we are basically restricted to a second dose, but these supplies should allow the device to restart, given that 2 million citizens have been vaccinated in Italy (600,000 have also received the second injection). Confindustria president, Carlo Bonomi, suggested using factories for mass vaccination. “But we haven’t received any answers yet.”

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Vaccines, freeze failure: volunteers line up at night (even in pajamas) to avoid sending missed doses

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