AstraZeneca, a severe coagulant, has been mixing vaccines even for over 60 years

AstraZeneca vaccine, it is also possible for people over 60 years of age to receive a heterogeneous vaccination if they have had a serious adverse reaction affecting the coagulation field with the first dose of Vaxzevria anti-Covid vaccine. This is indicated by the Italian Medicines Agency Aifa in response to requests from some regions regarding interventions to be taken after the appearance of a serious adverse reaction after the first dose of AstraZeneca in this age group.

Aifa, after obtaining the opinion of its Scientific Technical Committee (Cts), states that “general recommendations cannot be made in the face of heterogeneity of cases requiring specific clinical evaluation. However, similar to what has already been decided for persons under 60 years of age” who have been given the green light for the combination”, applying the principle of maximum precaution, the agency determines that, in people who have experienced serious thrombotic-type adverse reactions or any condition affecting the coagulation field after administration of Vaxzevria, it is possible to proceed with the vaccine booster with mRna vaccine,” according to Aifa media.

For the other series of adverse reactions, on the other hand, “it is thought that in the absence of data from ad hoc studies, no general recommendations can be expressed that ignore the examination of specific and clinical ‘reactions’ and the assessment of individual cases.”

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