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trade mark Aston Martin It launched its environmental sustainability plan from today until 2039. Its strategy will be called green race, a clear reference to a commitment to racing, especially in Formula 1, and to the word “green” that is universally recognized as synonymous with a clean environment. Advertisement of the company led by Lawrence’s outing You were rightfully given on Earth Day.

What will Racing Green be made of? On a public level, Aston Martin will strive to accelerate its sustainability intentions through the initiative science-based goals (SBTi) Net-Zero standard, which aims to have manufacturing facilities with low environmental impact by 2030 and a renewable supply chain of materials, again at a minimal footprint, by 2039. This will align with a vehicle electrification plan that will see the first plug-in hybrid in year 2024 (Valhalla), the first electric car in 2025 and a fully electrified sports/GT and SUV combo by 2030.

By going to work within the Science Based Targets (SBTi) body, Aston Martin would like to reduce emissions generated in the supply chain by 30%, compared to its base value for 2020. Today the British brand Announces a 44% reduction in emissions intensity in its UK operations between 2020 and 2021 and 100% renewable energy used in its UK manufacturing facilities since 2019. A major project will also see Aston Martin install more than 14,000 solar panels at its St Athan, Wales site, providing 20% ​​of the plant’s annual energy requirement.

The manufacturer will also pledge to stop using plastic packaging within three years, ie Reduce water consumption by 15%. The use of sustainable materials, such as aluminum alloys made from renewable energy and vegan leather-free interiors, will also be expanded. While the brand hopes to continue producing combustion-engine cars, it can improve its environmental impact in the meantime.

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