Assault on Dragon Hold by Tiny Tina is free on Steam for the Spring Sale

Assault on holding the little dragon Tina And free on steam On the occasion of the spring sale of the platform. For those unfamiliar with it, this is the most popular Borderlands 2 content, which became a standalone game to promote Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Whether or not you care, it’s still a file Free game to add it to your Steam library. So all you have to do to get it is keep going game page And click on the “Add to account” button. From that moment on, Tiny Tina’s Assault on the Dragon Keep: A Unique Adventure in Wonderland (that’s the full title) will be yours to play right away or leave in the backlog waiting for better times to be able to play it.

We repeat, you do not need Borderlands 2 to play it and take advantage of all its modes, including the cooperative mode.

Attack on Dragon Tiny Tina TellsThe Queen has been captured and her kingdom is in peril: only you and your friends can restore peace to this enchanted and exotic land. Fight your way through treacherous forests, gloomy cellars and eerie fortresses, but be careful: your adventure can change in an instant due to Tina’s playful and chaotic whims Immerse yourself in this epic board game-style adventure and get ready for the fantasy battle of your life!”

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