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The Italian sport of 2021 bears more and more incredible connotations. The year of Bel Paese’s successes never seems to run out, and an update is always necessary.

From this point of view, England or the United Kingdom continue to play the role of defeated opponents in the path of victory for the Azzurri. Citing victories in the European Football Championships, athletics at the Olympics and in the European Women’s Polo Championships, there has also been confirmation in cricket, a system born more than 300 years ago across the Channel and is practiced in a widespread way all over the world. Commonwealth countries.

Well, in contextT10 European Cricket Championshipunderway in Malaga, The choice of Bill Paese achieved his first victory after he took four defeats against who would be considered the pole star in the game, ie the English team. Historic victory since it only happened once which is 1998, 23 years ago. Thanks to the brilliant performance of Captain Baljit Singh (43 points), the holders of the oval Cartama entered Malaga with a desire to blow up the bank and succeeded: 90/4 for 6 wickets.

He also arrived in the afternoon to follow up Success against Finland: Blues with a score beat the Finns 98/4 by 8.5 by 6 wickets. At this point we want to dream about matches against the Czech Republic and Germany.

Photo: Italian Cricket Federation

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