As for Ninja, it’s not in his business to educate his viewers on social issues –

TylerNinjaBlevins said educating his viewers about the matter is not his job Social issues During his live broadcast TwitchBut for parents. Only in this way will the toxicity prevalent online be effectively controlled.

Ninja touched on the topic in an interview with The New York Times:People behind a curtain. They say what they want and suffer no consequences. They are totally anonymous … it’s annoying that there are kids who can write racist phrases and be incredibly aggressive and threaten women online, without any repercussions.

It all depends on parents“, continue “Do you want to know your children? Listen to them when they play video games without being detected.

Then the ninja spoke of his responsibility as Streamer And celebrities:Is it my job to talk to these kids? No, because the first thing I think is that they’re intentionally doing this to fool me. If someone commits a racist crime in someone else’s yard, they risk banning the player.

Ninja was criticized for this position to the extent that he used Twitter to repeat his position:Giving my viewers civil rights lessons and teaching them not to be racist is not practical. Show I am a good person through my actions and treating each other well. sacred. day.

And his wife later defended Ninja Jessica, Who remembered how her husband had always criticized racism and discrimination during the live broadcast. Just, she says, she doesn’t want to hold seminars on this topic.

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