Artemis 1 also canceled a second launch attempt to the Moon: loss while loading liquid hydrogen

there NASA It also decided to cancel the launch attempt of the second SLS missile for the unmanned mission Artemis 1 directly on the moon. Just like taking off on the first try It was canceled due to a leak detected while loading liquid hydrogen which, after three attempts, could not be removed. The decision was made by the launch director, Charlie Blackwell Thompson, after technicians also suggested not to go ahead with the launch, scheduled for 20.17, Italian time.

Final green light for rocket propellant loading space launch system (SLs), after the failed launch on August 29, came from the launch manager himself.

After cooling the channels through which the propellant is loaded, in the late morning (Italian time) liquid hydrogen began to be loaded at extremely low temperatures, in slow mode, in the central stage of the SLS rocket. The total loading involved loading approximately 3.4 million liters of propellant, between liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, into the central and upper stages of the rocket. NASA technicians decided to anticipate the procedure in which small amounts of supercooled liquid hydrogen are made to flow into rocket engines to reduce its temperature. In fact, an issue was discovered at this point where on August 29th it was forced to suspend the countdown.

during the morning, After startupNASA announced, that the first station made it necessary to interrupt the loading for about 30 minutes, due to a problem that it encountered, in a different part than the part that forced last August 29 to postpone the launch. Then the download resumed and was, again, annoyed by a new loss It was discovered during the liquid hydrogen rapid loading phase of the rocket’s central stage. NASA said causing it was a “wrong connection” and then isolated it. Despite the intervention, decided by launch manager, Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, the leak was detected again in the afternoon due to the sensors of the Kennedy Space Center’s launch pad 39B.

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