Arnold Schwarzenegger, according to the poll, would be the best leader in the event of an alien invasion

Who do you want as a leader if a space race knocks on our doors to wage war on humanity? BLAZE TV requested it with a file vote 2000 Englishmen who, who managed to choose between celebrities and public figures, decreed this Arnold Schwarzenegger He will be the best captain in a situation Alien invasion.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the best option in the event of an alien invasion

Exceeded California governor and Hollywood star even Bill Pullman, The actor we all associate with the role of the President of the United States of America thanks to Independence Day, as well as Will Smith, who appeared in the same movie and in Men in Black, in which case he finished second in the ranking.

In third place is Sir David Attenborough, followed by Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, and Sigourney Weaver (who seems to have convinced everyone with Alien, landing her first female position), Harrison Ford and first politician, Donald Trump. Joe Biden? He is only in the twentieth place.

Schwarzenegger wanted to thank the fans with a comment on Twitter, in which he declared that he was “ready to serve”:

According to what was reported TMZThe TV channel commented on the arrangement, explaining it “It is disturbing that many celebrities who have experience in entertaining with foreigners are considered by many people to be better candidates than our current leaders.”.

However, it must also be said, as reported by the channel itself, that 11% of people who participated in the survey claim to have seen a UFO; So they might have more elements than us to judge who would be the best leader in the event of an alien invasion.

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Who would you choose? Let us know by commenting below!

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