Arkane didn’t want to call it that, but she was forced by Bethesda –

Rafael Colantonio, founder of Arkane Studios, revealed that victim Released in 2017 has nothing to do with the original released in 2006 and that was Bethesda to me to force Using that name, even though the entire development team was against it. Colantonio added that this was also one of the reasons he left the studio in 2017 after the game was released.

“I didn’t want to call this game prey,” Colantonio said in an interview with the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. “I still had to agree in front of reporters, and that’s not my pleasure. I hate lies. And these are lies for sales, it’s not a personal lie or anything else, but I’m still sorry to carry the message that I don’t. I wanted. Not me. Only, but no one on the team wanted to call this game Prey. Our game had nothing to do with prey.”

Colantonio later states that in his opinion, the use of the title “Prey” was a file Error Also from a commercial point of view, as it pissed off fans of the original work and alienated potential buyers who didn’t like it.

“I am grateful that the company gave me a way to create a game and trusted my abilities to the point of investing millions of dollars. I am grateful, but part of the artistic and creative side is offended when you say that. Artist.”: “You would call your game Prey.” I answer that you don’t think that’s it The right thing to do, and it is wrong, because we will face criticism from fans of the original prey who will not be happy, while those who did not like Bree will not be interested in our game.”

Colantonio sets the Bethesda hypothesis “kick in the face” To the developers of the original Prey game he states that he often wants to apologize. “It was never our intention to steal their IP address and make it ours. It’s disgusting, and that wasn’t what I wanted to do. And so they all lost. And Prey’s sales were horrible, by the way. Not a good one. Decision.”

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