Argued with two teenagers in Australia: Van der Poel acquitted on appeal

The Dutchman was arrested and then released on September 25, the night before the World Cup: ‘But the girls bothered him’

The case was exciting. do you remember? Matthew van der Poel was arrested and then released in Australia on the night between 24 and 25 September, the night before the World Cup in Wollongong (which he participated in anyway, but retired after a few kilometres), after an argument at the hotel in Brighton Lees Sands with two teenagers who prevented him from sleeping because of repeated knocks on the door to his room.

In the reconstruction, Mvdp chased them to their room door and the two girls, 13 and 14, fell (one with minor injuries). In court, he was ordered to pay a fine of A$1,500. Now, however, the Alpecin-Deceuninck team leader has been acquitted on appeal, who is expected to compete on Saturday in the Italian cross-country World Cup in Vermiglio, in Trentino: the news was reported by the Daily Telegraph.

the reasons

The judge who overturned the ruling in Sydney on Tuesday called the girls’ behavior “disturbing and angry”. Although van der Pol’s actions were considered “disturbing”, there was a “significant level of provocation”. The judge also spoke of “foolish behavior on the part of the girls who were not controlled.” He further stated that Van der Poel had already indirectly received a large penalty, which was to withdraw from the World Cup. There is only one additional penalty left: a 12-month ‘parole order’, in which the Dutchman must commit no crime and be obligated to appear in court at any time, if called.

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