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Argentine de Morgantina will not return to the United States – StartNews

“The Argenti di Morgantina will remain on display at the Aidone Museum. Indeed, the Metropolitan Museum of New York has announced that it does not want to recover the precious finds that, according to a 2006 agreement, are transferred from Aidone to the same New York Museum. This was announced today by the Regional Heritage Adviser. The cultural Alberto Samona The battle with the people of Aidone finally got an excellent result for the territory. The transfer of the Argenti di Morgantina to the United States, and then its return to Aidone, due to the fragility of the material, was a very delicate and risky process The demand, which I took charge, of the scientists Enthusiasts, and the residents of Edoun themselves, allowed an agreement to be put under the magnifying glass, at first, in order to be able to re-embrace the cultural heritage of inestimable historical value he had accepted. A cultural offering which I am convinced will be essential in the coming years to relaunch tourism in the interior of our island.”

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