Argentina still claims sovereignty over the Falkland Islands

Argentina today reaffirmed its sovereignty over the Malvinas Archipelago – the Falkland Islands of the United Kingdom, disputed – on the 194th anniversary of the establishment of political and military leadership of the islands by the Buenos Aires Provincial Government. This can be read in a statement issued by the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The memorandum refers to the rights that the country has exercised since the beginning of the process of emancipation, in 1810, as heir to the Spanish territories in the South Atlantic, in particular the “milestone” of issuing the decree signed by the governor of the province of Buenos Aires Martín Rodríguez on June 10, 1829. He also noted that the exercise of rights was “stopped by force on the part of the United Kingdom” on June 3, 1833. “Despite countless calls from Argentina and warnings from the United Nations, the United Kingdom systematically refuses to resume negotiations on sovereignty,” the Argentine Foreign Ministry affirms, which defines the islands as “colonial territory” and thus rejects the premise of applying the “right to self-determination”. .

“Even today, restrictive immigration policies are applied with discretionary secrecy, limiting the possibility of establishing or acquiring land, entering into business relations or starting commercial or professional activities in the Malvinas Islands, especially towards Argentines coming from the mainland,” Buenos Aires accuses. “The UK maintains an unwarranted and disproportionate military presence,” the ministry continues, adding that “as part of British militarization in the South Atlantic, the UK has recently introduced third party security forces to the islands.” The conclusion stated that Argentina “reaffirms its sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands and their surrounding maritime domains” and restoring the effective exercise of sovereignty is a “permanent objective”.

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