Argentina, in addition to male and female gender neutral (X) has been introduced on identity cards

According to the new national law Argentina From today those who define themselves as not binary compared to Good heart They will have the right to define themselves as “neutral” on their own identity document. a “XIt will replace the alternative ‘male’ or ‘female’.

Other identities besides male and female

As the first country in Latin America, with the new gender identity law, Argentina joins a number of countries that have already adopted this system of official identities, including Canada, India and New Zealand. President Alberto Fernandez’s decree, published Wednesday in the Official Gazette, states that anyone requesting a new identity document will now be able to select the “X” element next to the “Gender” element.

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“There are identities other than that of a man and a woman, and they must be respected,” Fernandez said. He added, speaking during a ceremony in Buenos Aires where the first three documents with the new law were handed over to three people. The ceremony was also attended by the Argentine Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Women, Gender and Identity. “We are making history,” she tweeted from the ministry.

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Persons of Argentine nationality who wish to make a change in their identity document and foreigners who reside in the country and have an Argentine document will be able to exercise this right by going to the corresponding public offices.

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