Argentina, an elderly woman is about to be cremated, but her daughter saves her: she was still alive

in Argentina ,ElderlyDoctors pronounced his death, “savedFrom his daughter seconds before this happens Cremation. An 89-year-old woman, who was completely dead based on medical documents, was actually stolen by her daughter due to the breaking of the lid from the burning, which was about to happen at the end of the funeral that was specially organized for the supposed old people. The bold and harrowing story began last Saturday evening, when the unfortunate young man of over eighty, who is currently covered anonymously, was taken to a private clinic where he felt severe chest pain. The event took place in the city resistance, In the northeast of the South American country.

Once the elderly woman was admitted to the hospital, the Argentine facility’s doctors called her daughter, around 8.45 am on Sunday, informing her that her mother unfortunately passed away shortly after arriving at that clinic. Then the white coats released the same 89-year-old family member Death certificate From the latter, as he wrote that cardiorespiratory arrest caused the unfortunate woman’s death in a clinic. As a result, the victim’s daughter immediately called a funeral home in the city in order to arrange the funeral of the missing mother as well as the cremation. However, this ceremony could have had a somewhat bold result.

Towards the end of the extreme farewell ritual, which was taking place at the local crematorium, the same daughter noticed, a few seconds before the mother’s body was placed on Conveyor belt I headed to the crematorium that still appears on the 89-year-old’s body.Life signalsThe terrified daughter immediately urged the workers at the funeral home to stop the burning process, thus saving her mother’s life. The latter, even if she showed signs of life at that time, needed immediate medical attention to escape death once and for all, and thus she was transferred to The hospital again, in the same medical center where her death was announced earlier, now, the victim is being treated there in the intensive care unit.

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After giving the news to the relatives that the old woman had not died at all, the daughter decided Condemnation The accident to the Argentine police, in order to open investigations into the reason for the clinic’s doctors to prove the truth, which is the death of the elderly, which was not based on specific evidence. Then, the city police force ensured that the woman began the immediate investigation into the accelerated death declaration signed by the concerned doctors, and investigations are still ongoing.

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