Are we on the verge of bear markets? levels to be monitored

How to understand if the rollback is running out

We’re in March, and this will see the second annual setting expire on the 6th (the first was on January 31st). What will happen from now on? Close to February 17, the monthly deadline, the rally that began around December 19 stalled, and while Wall Street fell, other international stock markets moved sideways. Are we on the verge of bear markets?

March settings

here they are in your place Where fluctuations are likely to aggregate (absolute and relative minimums and maximums) Highlights of the month:

6/7, 9, 17, 21/22, 27/28, and 30.

We’ll see what happens. If our view turns out to be correct, it will rise again from the next few days through April 6/7. Otherwise, it will be a pain until this date.

We go step by step.

At 16:58 of the trading session on March 1, we read the following prices:

DAX futures


Eurostoxx futures


Future Ftse Mib




Wall Street came close to hitting its primary targets.

Are we on the verge of bear markets? levels to be monitored

March is usually rather positive, and this year too the performance could be repeated. What prices will start rising again immediately?

Session closing times are greater than:

DAX futures


Eurostoxx futures


Future Ftse Mib




For the time being, bullish swings have not formed even on the hourly timeframes, even if some positive divergence is starting to appear on the oscillators.

But be careful, who is to blame the prices And their trend is downward, which means that They can continue to go down. In Piazza Affari, which continues to show excellent relative strength, there are stocks that could continue to rise: Anima Holdings, Emsey. We look forward to interesting developments from you Nixiewhile ENEL could be close to the period low.

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